"I wish that I had met you years ago because my life would have been so much easier if I had had your advice earlier" 
 Jane M, Birmingham
"Thank you Emma for all the support that you have given to my husband and our family.  Getting him home from hospital after his stroke was stressful and emotional, but your help and advice helped to make it less so.  We are now looking forward working with you for his rehabilitation"
Margaret B, Warwickshire

"Emma handles report writing with great expertise and professionalism.

She acquires a sensitive understanding of the needs of each individual client and is able to make sound recommendation and quality practical advice."

Jacqui Summerfield,  Independent Occupational Therapist & Expert Report Supervisor.

"I knew some things had become harder for me since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and I just thought that this was how things would be from now on.  Doing the LSVT Big programme with Emma helped me to better understand my Parkinson's, and taught me that I can fight back.  I hadn't realised how slow and small my movements had become.  Now I have more awareness of how I move and I know how to move bigger and better.  My wife says I've got some of my 'oomph' back!"
Richard S, Solihull LSVT Big Graduate
"Our Mum had become isolated and withdrawn since her diagnosis.  Thank you for the kindness and understanding that you showed her.  Just making some simple changes to her home and the way she did things helped her to regain some of her independence, which was a great relief to all of us."
Rob S, Warwickshire

"I benefited greatly from the exercises of LSVT Big and enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them because you made it such fun. I started to feel much stronger and have continued to do the exercises every day at home and hope to keep it up. I am now more conscious of having to make big movements, big strides and swinging my arms when walking.

Thank you for all the work you have put in.

Brigitte, Leamington Spa