The impairments experienced following a stroke or brain injury will depend on the severity of the injury, and on what area of the brain was affected.  


After a stroke or brain injury, you are likely to need help to regain your functional abilities, learn new skills and cope with any remaining difficulties. This process is called rehabilitation, and occupational therapy can support you along the way.

Emma Bracher OT can provide the following:

  • full assessment to establish your difficulties and how they are affecting your function

  • treatment plans that will focus on improving your abilities and increasing your independence

  • treatment plans to improve and maintain the function of your upper limb, should this have been affected 

  • treatment plans for any cognitive, sensory or visual impairments

  • strategies and techniques to overcome any remaining difficulties

  • assessment and advice on aids and equipment

  • home assessments to establish what can be done to optimise your environment to suit your needs

  • education for you and your family about what to expect following a stroke or brain injury

  • advice about returning to driving and returning to work.

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