OT for Parkinson's*

Parkinson's disease symptoms are diverse in nature, and can manifest themselves in varying degrees and at varying times.  One person's experience of PD can therefore be quite different to another's.


 At present there is no cure, but medical and surgical interventions can help to control the symptoms to some degree, and appropriate therapies can help to maximise function and quality of life.




 it is never too early  or too late to start therapy!

OT can help with the management of PD symptoms, including but not limited to:

  • slowness of movement 

  • reduced amplitude ('smallness') of movment

  • dealing with 'on / off ' syndrome

  • 'freezing' and 'start hesitiation'

  • balance and gait problems

  • fatigue

  • pain

  • cognitive changes

  • emotional changes

Occupational therapy can be beneficial at any stage of Parkinson's disease.  

For people with mild to moderate symptoms OT will focus on:

  •  Maintaining participation and improving function for activities of daily living (for example:  personal care tasks and domestic tasks, and leisure and work activities).


  •  Promoting 'conscious attention' for the performance of well-learnt motor skills and movement sequences, which would have been performed automatically prior to the onset of Parkinson's.

  •  Dealing with difficulties in multi- tasking


  • Use of mental, visual and auditory cueing techniques, to enhance functional ability  (for example:  'thinking big', mental rehearsal, visualisation, environmental markers and visual commands)


  • Promoting general mental and physical well-being


For people with more severe symptoms OT will also focus on:


  • Falls prevention and maintaining safe mobility

  • Establishing safe and effective transfer techniques (for example getting on and off  your chair, bed and toilet) 

  • Addressing posture, positioning and pressure care needs 

  • Reviewing seating, wheelchair and other assistive equipment needs

I will always complete a comprehensive initial assessment, using a variety of assessment tools, to establish how your PD effects you.  Then we will work together to formulate a treatment plan, and set goals relating to what you want to achieve from therapy. 

Please contact  Emma to find out more.

Useful links :  

Parkinson's UK - information and support for people with PD and their families

Health Unlocked Parkinson's Movement - information and discussion forum devised by people with Parkinson's for people with Parkinson's.

* For people with Parkinson's, funding is available for assessment and treatment sessions through Parkinson's Care and Support UK 
Please contact Emma for more details
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