Exercise Classes for People with Parkinson's


Emma Bracher has picked a top class team to work with her, all of whom share her passion - to enhance well being, and to improve and maintain quality of life.

All trainers / instructors have received Parkinson's specific training and have an awareness of problems that people with Parkinson's may face.  Emma is involved in all class planning and will be frequently available to offer advice to participants about the day to day management of their PD. 


All classes are aimed at people with mild to moderate PD symptoms.  All participants must be able to mobilise independently.

(1-1 sessions are available for those with advanced symptoms and significant mobility issues).

To ensure that the classes are safe and suitable for you, you must undergo a balance and mobility assessment with Emma before attending any of the Bigger and Better classes.  This will also enable you to keep track of changes and your achievements.

You must have medical clearance from your doctor if you have any medical conditions other than Parkinson's that may effect your ability and / or safety to exercise. 

It is recommended, but not essential, that people complete a 1-to-1 exercise therapy session before commencing with the weekly classes.  This will make sure that you are already well on your way to moving 'bigger and better'! 

See below to find out more about each class

Please contact Emma to find out more and to arrange your pre-class assessment

Bigger & Better Boxing
Bigger & Better
Bigger & Better Circuits
Bigger & Better
CrossFit for Parkinson's

More classes coming soon...

Friday mornings at The Combat Sports Centre,

Vulcan Road, Solihull 

These non-contact, boxing based circuits classes focus on improving co-ordination, balance and endurance.  Expect a fun filled and motivating class, with all exercises adapted to be safe and suitable for you.